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Work in Aquaculture

Careers and occupations in the aquaculture sector range from on-farm jobs to careers in academia and government. Many of the occupations are highly skilled and require both normal training and on-the-job upgrading. The jobs are typically year-round, well-paying and include benefits. Many jobs in the farm sector are found in rural communities; these jobs require dedicated individuals with a keen sense of responsibility for animal care and environmental stewardship.



(in order of date - subject to change)


Ocean Trout Canada/Nova Fish Farms - Site Workers

Grieg Seafood NL - Marine Site Managers 

Grieg Seafood NL - Marine Site Assistant Managers 

Mowi - Regulatory Project Manager

Mowi - Remote Feeding Manager

Cooke Aquaculture - Saltwater Aquaculture Tecnician

NL Aqua Services: FM IV InSitu

360 Marine Ltd.

Barry Group: Line Workers

Cooke Aquaculture

Newfoundland Aqua Services in Collaboration with Netulimk Fisheries: InSitu Cage Technicians


Please note that the positions above may change anytime and will be updated as soon as possible




Careers in Aquaculture can include:

  • Fish farm technician
  • Farm manager
  • Saltwater production manager
  • Hatchery technician
  • Hatchery manager
  • Environmental and regulatory affairs manager
  • Fish health technician
  • Aquaculture engineer
  • Research scientist
  • Instructor
  • Policy advisor
  • Regulatory affairs officer
  • Aquaculture development specialist
  • Aquaculture extension officers
  • Habitat biologist
  • Environmental assessment technician
  • Research technician
  • Aquaculture diver
  • Feed production technician
  • Aquatic veterinarian
  • Processing line supervisor
  • Processing line operator
  • Waste management technologist
  • Research and development coordinator and many more!