Blue Mussels

Mytilus edulis or as they’re better known, blue mussels, are a type of shellfish that grow quickly and profusely in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Newfoundland blue mussels are succulent, sweet tasting, and affordable ocean treats that come from our nutrient-rich bays caused by icy Arctic currents.

Newfoundland blue mussels are grown using the long-line technique in the iceberg chilled waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of this, they are superior in taste and quality compared to mussels raised in warmer waters, or wild and bottom-cultured mussels.

Newfoundland blue mussels are grown by independent, environmentally conscious farmers who produce only 100 per cent natural mussels. Farmers grow and harvest their crops as orders are received so there is no wastage. Growers must be licensed and they follow extensive regulations and coastal management plans on their farms.

Harvesting occurs all year round. The aquaculture of Newfoundland blue mussels has been steadily on the rise after almost tripling production from 1,051 tonnes in 2000 to 2,871 tonnes in 2018. The growing demand for the delicious and distinctive Newfoundland blue mussels is opening new market opportunities across the globe for our local partners.

Newfoundland Blue Mussels are the first to be certified as organic in North America!

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