Cod Genome Project - Nov 2007 To grow and compete globally, companies (and sectors) prosper when they have access to knowledge gained through research and development activities and when they are able to use this knowledge to produce or improve products and services. The aquaculture industry has a great need for such knowledge transfer and the innovation it fosters.With a history of stimulating aquaculture industry involvement in R&D, the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA) provides a vital role in helping the industry reach its full wealth potential in a sustainable fashion. NAIA-led projects such as the Mussel Seed Project, the Aquatic Invasive Species initiative, and the Certification Project help to maintain an environment which supports growth within the industry in the province.1. Past R & D Initiatives

2. Atlantic Canada Aquaculture Research and Development Network (ACAIRDN)

3. AquaBase

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