Atlantic Salmon

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Atlantic salmon, or its technical name Salmo salar, which translates into “the leaper,” is known for its finesse and form as it leaps in and out of the water. It has an elongated, somewhat laterally compressed body, a large mouth, fairly large scales, and a fleshy adipose fin on the back just in front of the tail fin. An average adult weighs anywhere from 2-10 kg, although some grow to much greater sizes. Salmon is popular for its flavor, texture, taste and pink flesh.



Since the first salmon farm opened in Norway in the 1960s, technology has improved tremendously allowing salmon to be raised year round. Essentially, salmon has gone from a seasonal luxury food to a year-round staple commodity.

Farm-raised salmon are a healthy and nutritious food now within the reach of average consumers the world over. This tasty delicacy is fast becoming the fish of choice for millions of people in restaurants and at home.

Since Atlantic salmon require relatively warm water throughout the winter, all finfish production in Newfoundland occurs along the south coast of the province. There has been a recent realization that there is room for expansion in the production of farming for Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland. The safely sheltered bays that stay free of icebergs in the winter months make the south coast a perfect place for salmon farming.

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Energy 142 kCal
Protein 19.8 g
Lipids (fat) 6.3 g
Cholesterol 55 mg
Sodium 44 mg
Omega-3 1.7 g

(per 100 g raw product)



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