Health Benefits

According to the Canada’s Food Guide people should consume 150 grams of cooked fish per week. This should come as no surprise because seafood is beneficial to the health of Canadian at all ages. 

Agriculture and Agri-foods Canada explains the importance of seafood on its website. It explains that the nutrients and Omega-3 fats found in fish help develop red blood cells, and also keeps bones and teeth strong.

Eating seafood also promotes healthy growth in children and can even prevent cardiovascular events from occurring.  Not only is Newfoundland’s aquaculture industry providing sustainability to our economy but it’s providing consumers with healthy eating.  Mussels can even be known as a power food as they provide a great source of protein and have a higher value of iron and Vitamin B12 than beef.

Your favourite seafood dishes can also double as your healthy go-to dishes.  Why not indulge in some delicious Newfoundland grown seafood such as, blue mussels, steelhead trout, Atlantic salmon, or Atlantic cod without feeling guilty?   Bon Appétit!
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