NAIA Activities

NAIA has been actively involved in various activities.  Activities have included:

  • Development of an aquaculture industry communications strategy
  • The establishment of an industry quarterly magazine, “The Cold Harvester”
  • Membership review and initiatives
  • Renewed efforts in advocacy and representation
  • Working group consultations with growers regarding marketing strategy, distribution vehicles and R&D
  • Technical workshops in partnership with government agencies/academia
  • Participation in trade missions, seafood shows and industry relevant conferences
  • Coordination of industry-relevant R&D
  • Marine debris awareness and annual shoreline clean ups

NAIA works closely with industry and government organizations. Our fundamental purpose is to act as a liaison between the two; it’s what we do. NAIA aids in the advancement of new initiatives, projects, and wealth creation for continual aquaculture development. We have partnered with various levels of government to provide training programs, seminars, and cost sharing projects for our members.

The Newfoundland aquaculture industry is fortunate to have fostered a positive working relationship between government and industry. NAIA has taken a proactive approach with all levels of government to develop appropriate regulatory and policy frameworks for sustainable aquaculture development.

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