Julia Jensen







What is your job title and brief job description?

Lease Compliance Coordinator – Cooke Aquaculture

The job includes assisting the Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Manager in her duties, maintain certification programs through improvements, procedure development and employee training, maintain lease records and facilitate renewals of leases, permits, licenses and all legal documentation. Conduct permit applications and reporting, participation in applicable industry committees, provide training to employees on water quality testing and water quality equipment. Also, gather and collate information on existing sites and new sites, including water circulation, temperature profiles, salinity, depths and DO’s.

How is your career related to the aquaculture industry?

I completed some auditing courses in the Marine Environmental program and it definitely relates to the third party certification I work at now.

What type of service or product do you or your company provide?

We provide Atlantic salmon and trout products to North American Markets.

What is your educational background and/or work experience and how has it assisted you in this aquaculture career path?

I have a Marine Environmental Technology diploma and an Advanced diploma in Sustainable Aquaculture. While in school I completed three work terms with Cooke Aquaculture and now I work with the company full time. During my work placement for the Marine Technology diploma, I took an aquaculture position in my home town for 8 weeks, then I was offered a few extra weeks. After that I participated in summer jobs/work terms with the same employer each year. My full time position was awarded immediately after completing the program.

What attracted you to your current job?

Being able to work in my home town of Harbour Breton is what attracted me to my current job. Also, I love working on the water and enjoy the different challenges and variety of job duties each day.

What are the benefits of this aquaculture job?

I live in my home town, I have opportunities for various training opportunites, and I enjoy travelling through the province.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Travelling to the salmon and trout sites by boat is my favourite thing about this job. I also enjoy living in my home town with my family.

What advice would you give to people considering job opportunities in aquaculture?

There are many opportunities in aquaculture, not only on sites but through marketing, diving, service related, etc. If you want to live in your home town in rural Newfoundland it is a great industry to work in. Obtaining an education with an aquaculture background would be a great start.

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